What we do

Cultural Exchange Bridge (CEB) LLC is an international staffing company which provides employees for seasonal job positions through U.S.
Department of State, Cultural Exchange Programmes as Work and Travel, Internship and Traineeship. All these program participants get J-1 Visa and they are eligible to work in U.S. legally.

Work and Travel Programmes give chance for international college (university) students to work for American companies at their recess.

CEB is founded on October 2014 in VA and has offices in Falls Church and Williamsburg, VA. CEB have based to Williamsburg because we have more than 100 students working in the area for hotels, restaurants and other facilities. In 2015 we have extended our area to OH, NJ, DE, TN, SC and VT. CEB was established on 10 years of experinece in the market.

CEB represents 9 agencies from 7 countries; Turkey, Jordan,
Azerbaijan, Ukraine, China, Kosova and Bulgaria.  That will help you to create an international mix in your business and to find more qualified candidates.

CEB proudly announces the 3rd party agreement with Department of State authorized sponsor WISE.



Our Team


Cihan Keyif
Business Development Manager
Located in Falls Church Office
571 249 0512